Looking for Artists Preferably for Free

I’m hoping to maybe find artists who will do Art scenes for me preferably hopefully free for my story. Examples: Love, Action, and Drama. Please and Thank You!


Hey! Hopefully this helps.
Helpful Links for Authors :blob_hearts:


I can help if you haven’t found someone yet

I haven’t found anyone yet.

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If you can send me the details about what you want I’ll be happy to do it

Still looking for Artists for Cover Scenes and Art Scenes thanks.

And splashes.

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Feel free to check out my art shop…


Same i’m really struggling with backgrounds so if anyone has tips or actual backgrounds it would be amazing :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How do I find Artists to help me with Art Scenes, Splashes, and Covers?


We will be happy to help you! :smiling_face:

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