Looking for artists ,story reviewers and proof readers ! (episode.amigas)

hey guys ! hope you all are good and are safe ! Me and my team (episode community members)are looking for more people to join our team . episode.amigas on Instagram. we are a group that helps episode authors with cover requests , story review request , outfit requests , character card requests , proof read request and much more ! we are looking for more members to join!
we need more artist ,story review readers and proof readers. If you would like to join our team please fill out the hiring forum on our bio or either DM us on episode.amigas !

thank you!


I can proof read stories.! If you’re still open for it, my Instagram is rose_episod

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Hey! I’m a beginner artist and I do pfp requests and art scenes for free! If you need any help with story covers, art scenes or pfp , please contact my Instagram: @olivia.stories_

Thank you! :heart: