Looking for artists to create art scenes/cover art!

Hello Everyone!!

I am looking for an artist for my story The Teenage Spy Chronicles to create some art scenes and cover art. I am hoping that this artist/artists can stay being my artist since I would like to have more art scenes in my story, and as well I would like to change my small cover into something more!!

If you are interested, please contact me ASAP :blush:


Hey there, feel free to check out our art shop :slight_smile:
You can of course also always come back and request again :slight_smile: It’s much apprecaited!

Also you can check out our shop!
Epi Lair Art Shop :maple_leaf: [OPEN]

I think we will be open all the time so you can request there.

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I can make you a drawn and free one, but only if its ink.

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Feel free to show me your art if you’d like !

If you haven’t found anyone for ur cover yet I’ll be happy to do it

hey do you do drawn arts?