Looking for artists!

Hi everyone!

I am trying to finish revamping War of Passion, including adding a bonus chapter at the end, which I’d like to feature quite a bit of art scenes.

** Several artists needed **

I’d appreciate it so much!

Also would like new covers for 3 of my stories, so comment if interested!

I can help you out! :grin: @SarEG

I’d love that! What information do you need from me? :slight_smile:

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The style (ink ll or classic)
Realistic or episode style
And when you need it by
And if you can, can you put the info here so I can be organized?

sure, I will do that, thank you!

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Still looking for more artists! :slight_smile:

I would totally suggest Happy Helpers - Reviews, Covers, Splashes, Script Help and more!
They are sweet and amazing people who will surely help you out

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