Looking for Authors so I can crossover my story for more views! INK

Hey I really want to do a crossover.

I would be willing to do it with all types of Authors!
Reply here and we can make an agreement.

Much love! :heart: :heart_eyes:


I’d like to :blush:

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Hey i would love to do a crossover. I will DM you. :grin:

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I like to as well :smiley: . I can do any style hehehe. Which of your stories do you want to cross over with ?

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Thank you all for volunteering!!


Please give me details on your story. To see if we can crossover! :kissing_heart:

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Is it LL o Ink?!

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My title says it all!!

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Ok so here are the details. I should tell u about the characters personalities before u do a crossover.
So the main character is Jane. Jane is quite bold and secretive when it comes to people but when she is with people she knows, like Jasmine her best friend, then she becomes more open and she shows her kind and innocent personality.

Next is DAMON. He is a gang leader. So make him rude, ruthless, and dark. But also make him flirty when it comes to ladies. He has had a dark past.

Then we have JASMINE. Jasmine is a bit irresponsible with crazy plans but she is a good friend. She is quite funny as well so make her like that…

And last we have DANIEL. Daniel is Damons youmger brother but their personalities are complete opposite. Daniel is kind and polite and logical. He is the brainy one. But he is ruthless and hardcore when he needs to be.

I think thats all. Let me know if u need to know more info about the characters…

Ok so here are the details.

NAME: Under his illusion
Genre: Romance
Cover photos:

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I would love to do a crossover with you.

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I can do one! It really would be funnn!

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To specify I’m looking for a story that has these…
-no breaking of content guidelines
-needs to take place in America
-swear words to a minimum
-no gangs (since my theme has nothing in common with gangs)
-would you like an art scene with the crossover involving both our characters?
-at the end of Episode I will choose to Commision to get a drawing of both us authors to gather
-must shoutout each others stories
-no drama

Thanks so much.
PM for more info :blush:

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