Looking for back-ground owner

Hii…! So I am looking for too who owns these back-grounds cuz I thinks they all belong to AMEPISODE but me don’t see it on her patreon :sweat_smile::cry: but if it is in her pateron can some-one plz tell me what is name of the back-grounds plzzz

Or if they don’t belong too AMEPISODE can some-one tells me who owner is cuz me like them :smile:

If I’m seeing the first one correctly, it’s an episode background!

It a taco truck do episode have it? Or what it called?

But bump does any one else know who own back-grounds?

For the first one, I’m pretty sure this is the thing in the background!

this specific background is by @/viennahale_ and @/jasminelilac_on their pateron

oh wow thenk you so much :grin: :yellow_heart:

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yea youre welcome so i used the screenshot you had and asked Dynasty and she said the food truck is her personal background which is also on her patreon and then white plant bedroom is by amepisode but in her free google drive :blush:

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Wow thenk you so much for your helps :yellow_heart::heart::laughing:

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