Looking for bed cover overlays!


Does anyone know where to find the bed cover overlays found in It Started With A Bra, or ones similar to Meila Summers He Can’t Tame Me? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find corresponding background and overlays like this! If anyone knows or knows ones that look similar it would be a great help!

Thanks in advance!


I havent read these stories do you have a picture of it I can maybe find a overlay for you


Here’s the one from It started with a bra,

I’m looking for ones similar to this if you can. Thank you!


@amberose made a great thread for this.

Blanket Overlays For Every Episode Bed


Thank you so much!


Is this what you wanted? @NeonLeah


That’s perfect, thank you!


No problem, please give me credit! @NeonLeah


Will do! Do you have an insta name? Or do you just want your forum one :wink:


Wait, the It Starts With a Bra Bedroom BG is on the portal already?


Just my forum name or episode profile (Cindy) @NeonLeah