Looking For Bedroom and Custom Backgrounds!

Hello! I am a writer, working on my first story and I am in a serious need of backgrounds, I need a bedroom background for girls where I can pan fully, and a side view too. I prefer the bedroom to be like a bad-ass style, like a bad rich girl secretly soft hearted style, or mafia. It can also be a different style, I just want it to look like a rich bad girl’s bedroom, or even modern. I am also searching for a teenage softie girl bedrooms, just show me bedrooms with details I wanted would be nice. I would like to see what you have or any examples. Any other type of backgrounds would be nice too. I would also love it if I could get a background where the characters are on the bed doing animations and talking, like front view not just laying. I’d really like a day and version of it too please, and can there be a bedroom door that can be shut or open.

Thank you so much for your time reading this! If you need more details or questions, ask away!

Brianna Marie

Here’s the link to my drive I hope it will be of some help :two_hearts::blush:
U can credit using my Instagram handle epii.jessica


It’s not what I’m looking for exactly, but thank you so much! You make amazing backgrounds! If I end up using them, I’ll credit you for sure!

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I made this thread with a bunch of helpful links to different threads/websites for coding - incuding links to places to find backgrounds and art supplies :heart:

I hope this might help!!

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That’s helpful, thank you!

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