Looking for beta reader/rewiwe for new fantasy story,

I am working on a new fantasy story and really want a beta reader to tell me how to improve it and what they think of the plot and pase.

the cover

note that non of the chapters is finished. I miss the animation in some places. speech bubbles have not been touch. some of the directing might be wrong

And some people may know I am not English and I am also dyslexic. I have not been grammar checking the story. I will do it before I published it. and I also is gonna have a second person read it over to make sure their aren’t any mistakes. so please look pass the grammar mistakes in the story. the reason I haven’t done is that its takes a lot of time. and I might rewrite some scenes and I dont wanna spend and hour grammar check a scene and then completely rewrite it. so please do not mention the grammar I know there is no need to tell me.

also th cc temple has not been added. and with all choices please pick the first one because well with most I havent made the second one

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please comment then I will send you the link

Send it.

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Hi! I would be happy to be a beta reader

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I’m in if your still up for it

sure non of the others have give me the rewiew yet


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