Looking for beta readers for my adventurous Entry

Story: “Adventurous: Gun of the Girl”

Description: He is a dangerous bad boy but little does he know, That she is even more lethal. Paisley risks her life when she’s willing to stay the captive of her kidnapper, Will she regret it?

Genre: Action

Has: Some swears but I kept the swears to a minimal and does have scenes that include violence E.g. Getting shot or punched…

Please reply if you are interested or tag some people who might be interested…
It is only Episode One at the moment…

(I accept both positive and negative feedback too)

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I’m interested although I might not have time, but definitely interested!

Alright, Here is the link:

I’ve only just begun work on episode 2 though so there isn’t much yet… :sweat_smile:

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