Looking for beta-readers/proofreaders

Hey everyone! :wave:

I have created my own entry for the upcoming Magicka contest. I already wrote and edited the first three chapters but since I am a new writer, it would be great if another pair of eyes can take a look and give me some constructive feedback before the contest deadline.

If you are interested and can have my story proofread by 8th March, please respond to this thread and/or DM me on Instagram (the username is the same as my forum account).

I can.

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I will :hugs:

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@AnaliyahWrites, @line123462

That’s great! Do you two have Instagram?

I also am available to proof read!

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yeah same as my name.

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Yep, it’s the same as my pfp

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Great! I will send the link later :blush:

Do you have Instagram?

Thank you all for volunteering! I think these are all the proofreaders I would need :blush:


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