Looking for beta readers/proofreaders



I’m looking for people who would like to be beta readers and proofreaders checking for any errors or mistakes in my story. I would also need someone to check grammar and spelling.

If you’re interested, post down below or send me a message. And let me know if you would be willing to do the same for the following episodes too in the future.

Still looking.


I’m willing to proofread.


hie, i can help with the proof reading, as i have already done for many people and its actually what i like to do. i can correct spelling and grammar errors…


Hi do you still do that? Because I need proof reading :blush:


Yes… I do that… I can help. Pm me. Or contact me on Insta @shona_episode


Hi sorry I can respon anly now :slight_smile:
My story isn’t publish yet that’s a problem or not?


No issues… the just send me the link… either on PM or on Instagram…


I got your form… I will do the beta reading tomorrow… it’s night so I will be doing tomorrow…


No problem me it’s afternoon so :slight_smile: Good night ^^
I think that’s the link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6022007173283840


Still looking for proofreaders.