Looking For Beta Readers / TEMPORARILY CLOSED

As of right now, I have enough beta readers. I will reopen if I find that I need more, thank you!

I’m looking for a couple (at least 5) beta readers for my newest story, :blob_hearts:Romance Island! :blob_hearts:
I’m serious about making sure this story doesn’t flop as hard as my others, so I have a couple strict rules.
Note: I’m not quite done with episode 1 yet, I still have 3 or 4 scenes left to write. And this story WILL be published.

:star:RULES :star:
Do not be rude with your criticism. I want you to help me be better and offer good suggestions, not make me feel bad about it.
Do not leave me on read. If you’re not going to be in it for the long haul, please don’t waste my time! Likewise if you only want to do this to read my story for free.
Must be open minded and not judge mental towards certain genres. I would like beta readers who DO like romance, as well as some who DON’T.
Must include BetaFish🐠 in your request to become a beta reader.

If you’ve made it this far, now I’ll share some information about my story.

:blob_hearts:Romance Island :blob_hearts:
(Classic versions description, this WILL be changed.) Kelsey would do anything to find love, including going on a dating show to a beautiful island to meet 7 different men! But is everyone else there for the right reasons?

In-depth Overview

Kelsey signs up for a televised love show called Romance Island after yet another failed relationship. On the island, she’ll get to meet 7 men who’ve come to date her. One of the men, Derrick, is the male lead of the show who will be dating 7 women (including Kelsey) at the same time. They will navigate their journey together, forming relationships with each other and everyone else. The exact relationship is up to you, the reader, based on the choices you make. At the end of the journey, your point totals will be added up and you will receive your ending choice based on your point totals with the remaining islanders. Who you choose is up to you! But it’s important to remember that this story is based as realistically as possible, and you are NOT guaranteed a happy ending!

Story Details

•This story is being rewritten in Limelight.
•This is a complete revamp of the original. The story line is still the same with some new additions and a lot more interactivity.
•Diverse & LGBT+ characters.
•Main genre is Romance.
-Also includes elements of drama & comedy.
•Includes a point system for many people, almost every single choice will matter (regarding point gaining/losing). Most may affect dialogue between characters, and some will affect the ending you get.
•You can choose your ending, but only after your points have been totaled up.
•Extreme twists and turns, this is definitely not an easy going, basic love story.
•Bonus scenes at the end of every episode.
•Advanced directing/zooms.
•Lots of moving/Tappable OL’s (including hair/lip CC and outfits.)

Small Cover

Large Cover

This was done transparent, unfortunately the forums isn’t doing that anymore so it will appear white.

:star:YOUR TASKS :star:
Help me form the perfect description.
Inform me of overlay glitches.
Correct grammatical errors.
Request more/less scenes, more/less dialogue, more/less narration etc to improve story telling.
Suggest new ideas, or other means of improvement.
Give your overall thoughts at the end of each episode, including anything I can improve upon.

Note: Suggestions made by beta readers are exactly that, suggestions. They are up to my discretion if I want to implement the changes or not.

:star:REWARDS :star:
I’m not really sure if this is the correct term here? Lol. But this is what you’ll receive for being an extremely helpful beta reader:
(Bare minimum readers will either be removed or not included in rewards)
•Credited as you wish at the end of every episode you helped with.
•Early access reading of episodes. (I will share the unreleased episode after all the final changes have been made, along with the lock passcode so you may read the episode in it’s entirety before releasing to the public.)
•Bonus scenes at the end of each episode will be free, before being set at a small gem price when released to the public.

NOW, if you’ve made it this far and you know you want to apply, all you have to do is write your name, favorite genre and the password in the comments below. I will then make individual PM’s between us so we can get started.

Thank you so much :blob_hearts:


Name: Jasmina Hemei
My favourite genre: Romance (since I’ve joined Episode 3 years ago, all I’ve read was Romance stories)
Password: BetaFish :tropical_fish:

Hey, thanks for this opportunity! Here’s my official application :grin:
Name: Samaria Rose (she/they)
Favorite genre: I love a good Jane Austen Romance type of story! However, I also enjoy fantasy stories with mystical beings as well.
Password: BetaFish🐠

@dishsoap @JasminaH thank you both!! I’ll send a pm to each of you soon🤗


Name : taylor silver
Favourite genre : romance × fantasy, you get what I mean? :joy:
Password : BetaFish🐠

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Haha yes I understand! Thank youuu! I’ll pm you soon :hugs::two_hearts:

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Still looking for more readers, please :heart: :heart:


It’s an awesome story guys i promise​:sob::sweat_smile:

Some tags

You all had participated in my outfit contest for this story, so I’m tagging you of you might want to be a beta reader as well! No worries if you don’t, you can just ignore this :blush:


Name: Makayla Reed
Favorite Genre: Fantasy x Romance

Betafish :tropical_fish:

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Thank you, Makayla! Would you prefer to message on here or Instagram?

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Okay! I’ll send you the message there, then :blush:

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Name: Tina Costa
Favroite Genre: Drama and Romace

Password: BetaFish :tropical_fish:

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I’d love to but english isn’t my first language and I don’t think I’ll be much of help. sorry hun:(((

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Name: Amela
Favorite genre: Romance
Password: betafish :tropical_fish:

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@epi.butterfly @Amela1 thank you both!! I’ll be sending you a message soon :heart:

Hey that’s alright! I’m mostly looking for opinions on my story as a whole, just an outside perspective who i can bounce ideas around with (since I’m obviously biased towards my own story). Grammar isn’t a deal breaker :blush:

Name: Cassie C.
Favorite genre: Drama
Password: BetaFish :tropical_fish:

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Thank you!! I’ll send you a message shortly😊