Looking for beta readers who like romance and detective stories

Hello everyone! I’m currently searching beta testers for 3 episodes (and more if you find my story interesting) :heart:
:zap:My story contains:
-full customization
-1 LI
-art scenes in the future (as I’m working on it)
-avoiding romantic cliches
When you start to dig up bones, with someone who finds a way into your dreams, can you unravel this sadistic plot before someone else gets killed?

If you are interested you can let me know in this post or my ig @/wraith_episode


Wow! Can you tag me once it’s out?

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Hello! I’m so into thriller and investigation, so I’m absolutely up to it if you want!
Also I’m writing my own thriller story so in the future you might read mine :heart_eyes:

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

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