Looking for beta readers!

For my fantastical story, I’m kinda running out of ideas for the first chapter, while trying to make it long… If you want to be a beta reader for my story (I will accept a few) just let me know!

Basically, the queen is 16 years old, and she lost many of her family members in a plane crash, and is taking over the kingdom. Also, she is mean.

Ooh a fantasy story! I would love to beta read and give feedback on your story.

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i would love to be! is it still available?

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I’d love too! Fantasy is definitely my favourite genre. It would be awesome if I could help :slight_smile:

Bump! I will give all who replied above the link (@granolias, @abbhatalwar, and @Jahstoriess first chapter only)
I will accept 2 more (will accept more later)

OOOO Can I read please I would love to give you some feedback plus I love a good fantasy story

Accepting 3 more!
First chapter is almost done, and the second is 1/5th a way done with 934 lines.
@Diamond_episodes , I’m sorry I didn’t add yours into the chat, you can still beta if you want.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile:

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