Looking for certain story


Hey, played Episode on an old phone and am trying to find a story I was playing at the time had to restart and cant remember title BUT the general plot was about a Renaissance-like woman forcibly turned into a vampire and married to an evil lord. Years later, she escapes and shelters in a town full of other monsters, fairies, etc. Also there, she meets the reincarnation of her human lover … She settles in town and gets closer to the boy, meanwhile her “husband” intends to bring her home whatever means necessary. That’s as far as I got before getting a new phone and reinstalling the app

Sound familiar? Anyone knows the story? Or the possible author?

I never finished the story but I would’ve loved to see how it ended. Thanks!


Hey. I’m not sure if it’s the right story but it sounds kinda familiar. I guess the story’s called Bite Me by Scarlett M. King.


From the looks of it this is the one. Thank you! Hopefully the author finished the story


No problem :wink: