Looking for character accounts!

I am still in the process of writing my story and I’m looking for character accounts if you want to know more just dm me on insta @epi.sabby


wait so your making a story and want charatcers to be in it? I wanna Join!!!

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No, I mean like character accounts on insta!

im still confused :smiley: im sorry can you please explain? I’m slow

So there’s like Instagram character accounts that some authors have for their story I can explain furthermore and show an ex just dm me on Instagram @epi.sabby

oh! like the charatcer is taking photos got it can i make one?

Kinda like that, you can use a muse that looks similar to the character if your more interested dm me @epi.sabby

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Usually there are people that are so invested in a story that they ask the author if they can make the character’s profile :sweat_smile:
It’s a bit weird that you still haven’t published your story, yet you ask for characters profiles :thinking:

Understandable but that’s just kinda my thought process I saw other people doing it and wanted to do it for myself! Ha :heart:

I’m not judging you, everyone is free of doing whatever they think it’s better for them. I’m just stating my opinion. So really no hard feelings towards your choice :hugs: