Looking for character idea

Hi, I am looking for characters for my story “Invisible ” (This story is in LL). This story is a typical love story, it’s about a girl streamer(Adalena) that has more than 12 million followers. But the secret is no one has ever seen her face. And the whole is trying to find out who she is.
I was wondering if some amazingly kind people would give me the following:


Name of character:


Description of said character:


Role (This is an option for you to choose a role/ give me an idea):

Anything else I should know:



Thanks, everyone!


I hope I helped :sweat_smile: and tell me if you need some more characters :sweat_smile:


Can you please make the word easier to read. But thanks I do have a role for them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Nicknames: Ru or R for Ruby & Sun for Sorin
Both: Loyal, independent, strongminded, fierce, and outgoing
Role: Ruby - friend? & Sorin - Cousin?
Free feel to change anything about them but tattoos are a must have on since it defines them

Credit Instagram @ryder_epii

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Here’s some of my characters
Name of character:
Boy1: Chase
Boy2: Jace
Girl1: Maddie
Girl2: Rebekah

They don’t really have any nicknames

Description of said character:
Chase: Chase is twins with Jace he is sweet, Shy, and loyal, he helps anyone that needs help
Jace: He can be mean sometimes but he can be nice if wants to he hates when people are mean to his twin brother
Maddie: Sweet but can be mean to people when they make her mad she also is friends with Rebekah
Rebekah: Shes a bad girl at heart she doesn’t like anyone messing with her at all but she can be sweet sometimes to some people she likes

Here the pictures of the characters

It don’t really matter you can pick there clothes

Role (This is an option for you to choose a role/ give me an idea):
Any role is fine! You can pick it

Anything else I should know:
Nope but let me know when it’s out I would love to read it

You can credit me on the forums
Or on insta @Melissa_epii

Hopes it’s okay that I have four characters

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Name of character: Nevaeh

Nicknames: I’m good with Vaeh.

Description of said character:

Caring, kind but sometimes rude, trustful, smart but dumb, weird but funny, shy but sometimes too talkative, and thoughtful.

On the character card.


You can change the clothes just leave the necklace on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Role (This is an option for you to choose a role/ give me an idea): Maybe a classic, MC’s friend?

Anything else I should know: Nope

Credit: Credit is optional, you don’t have to at all, or you can just credit me by my insta @vaeh_de_author

Thank you

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THANK YOU :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Female character

Character name - Amia

Nicknames - Ami and Mia

Description of said character - loving, caring, funny, trustworthy, loves to draw, wants to be drawing artist, does not come from a rich family, father - deceased, mother - alive (in hometown), an only child, currently works as waitress, and in her senior year of college.

Clothing -

Role - a friend of Adalena (main character)

Anything else I should know - Amia is a defination of a good girl, make sure to make her look like a good , innocent, angelic girl or you can use this following

Body - soft
Skin tone - rose 02
Hair style - short high ponytail
Hair colour - golden brown
Eyes shape - delicate almond
Eye colour - blue green
Eyebrow shape - arched thin
Eyebrow colour - warm brown
Nose shape - grecian soft
Lips shape - full wide
Lips colour - warm pink gloss
Face shape - heart soft

Credits - Make sure to credit me if you decided to use my suggested character
Credit me - on Episode forum - Vaidehi1 & Instagram - Vaidehi_Writes

I hope it you use it.

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Your welcome :blush:

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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U can use mine :blush:

Character 1

Name of character: Kizzy
Nicknames:Call me anything
Description of said character: Music lover, internet/gadget addict, sleepy head but also a night owl, good girl but bad habbits, can be really rude/stubborn, good at fighting/arguing,etc.
Clothing: anything like sweet,streetwear,badassetc.
Role (This is an option for you to choose a role/ give me an idea): Anything
Anything else I should know: Here’s the Character Card :point_down:t4:

Her Lip color is Pink Warm Gloss and Just add Beauty Mark Mole Eye

Character 2

Name of character: Flora
Nicknames: Ora, effie, lora etc.
Description of said character: Nature Lover, good advicer, always there for anybody,has lots of patience, confident, never gives up, etc.
Clothing: Sweet, Comfy, Streetwear etc.
Role (This is an option for you to choose a role/ give me an idea): Anything
Anything else I should know: Here’s the character card :point_down:t4:

Credit: U can credit me on forums as @BlackHearted or on epi as @Kizzy_Writtes
Hope this helps!! :innocent:
And don’t forget to tag me when ur story is out!! :wink:
:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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Your welcome.
I hope you use it.

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Thank you :laughing:


Hey this sounds fun, I don’t really mind whether or not you use my character but I’ll share anyways! :two_hearts:
-pls also let me know the name of the story when it’s out, I’d love to read it😊
-you can credit me as ‘@Crystalising on the forums’!

My character

things she might say/attitude: “I would say something but I’m trying to be a nice person.”
“People want your opinion until it’s the truth they don’t wanna hear :upside_down_face:
— she likes roller skating and criminology, maybe she could be a lawyer,activist or known hair stylist?? I don’t know, make her whatever you want, change her look if you want too!

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Here you go!


Name of character:


Description of said character:
Well she’s pretty much a nice person and a artsy one pretty shy some times to
Picture of character:

You can choose if you want

Role (This is an option for you to choose a role/ give me an idea):
Hmm a friend? Or something I don’t know really

Anything else I should know:

Credit: My forums name or insta @/kaylee_epi214

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


No hate or anything intended…but isn’t this just a copy of the new episode released story? Other than the genders reversed/switched.

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No, it’s ALOT different. when I mean a lot, I mean it

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