Looking for Character ideas! (LL)


I am having a hard time coming up with character ideas ;

I am looking for character ideas for the story that I am working on called “Time” (title is subject to change)

So without spoiling the story: The basic idea is that my MC (Nova) is able to see when the people around her are going to die.

I am looking for character ideas meaning; Their name, how the character looks as well as a little bit of their personality!

I need a male character that will be the best friend to the LI and a female character that will be in a majority of the episodes.

Also looking for background characters.

Side Question: I have played Episodes a lot, and have noticed that in the majority of them there is more than one LI, do people prefer to have more than one LI?

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Some people prefer two because they don‘t want to date someone that they don‘t like. For me it really doesn‘t whether a story has one or more Li.

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Personality: Outgoing, smart, fun, kind, caring, strong, and enjoy teasing people for fun


Personality: Easygoing, funny, fun, silly, cool, helpful, and charming

Personality: Bossy, sassy, rude, short temper, fighter, bad@ss, and overprotective


Personality: Unfriendly, quiet, loner, blunt, smart, sometimes nerdy, listener, give adivce, and he can be nice if no one annoy him

Personality: Cheerful, cute, innocent, two faces, flirty, seduce, partygirl, and likes to get attention



Personality: Friendly, awakard, calm, serious, helpful, kind hearted, and likes to cook

she is sweet and kind but also doesn’t take crap from people hope to hear back have a good day or have a good bight you can do whatever you want to mine have fun with it


She can be a bit of a diva at times but she’s kind and
friendly until you give her a reason to hate you. Then
she will do anything she can to go against you.

Here’s a male character :slight_smile:
His personality is spunky, loud, but a really good heart when you get to know him.

do whatever you want to the outfit :slight_smile:

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