Looking for Character/ Outfit Ideas!

Hello all!! I’m working on a new story (Yay) and I was wondering if anyone had any character or outfit ideas. Please have the information below:

Info for characters:
-Preferred Name
-Role in story
-How I can credit you

Outfit Info:

  • Type (workout, casual, etc.)
    -Any other details (jewelry, marks, etc.)
    -How I can credit you

Note: I’m only taking ideas for Limelight :slight_smile:

Hi! Here is an amazing thread dedicated to Episode Outfits! There are a TON of outfits in here so it might take some sorting through but I’m sire you’ll find something you like!

PS Yente I will always promote this thread


Thanks so much!

Awh thanks so much, so sweet!:blush::heart:

I just don’t want you to get annoyed but every time I see someone asking for outfits I think YENTE :see_no_evil:

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Oh don’t worry! I’m glad people tag me when someone is looking for outfits, so thankyou! I make outfits for fun and I’m happy to help others out :blush:

So to everyone: when someone is looking for outfits tag me!

Update: Lots of carnaval outfit ideas! :blush:

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