Looking for characters background, please help me!

Hi I’m writing a story and I need some characters please fill this form!

You have a typo.


Just wondering, will we get credit? xx

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Done. What is the name of your story? So that I can read

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Your character is an extra but may get a leader paper, becoming part of the life of the MC.
Their thoughts and actions don’t represent the creator of the character

It’s not published yet!

I’m working on it

Can you tell me the skin colour? I forgot to put it

Can you tell me the skin colour please?

What did I write? I’ve filled in so many of these things today, I can’t remember what I put for yours. :thinking:

I forgot to put that question

No, I mean, I can’t remember what details I put such as eye colour.

Ah okay, eye colour blue, hair rebel half shaved and the colour fawn and the mouth colour Bordeaux

I don’t think that was me, maybe I haven’t filled it out. :thinking:

Umm so what was the name you put?

I’ll just do one now. :slight_smile:

Perfect ^^

Done, submitted one called Amelia. :wink:


Which skin?