Looking for characters & outfits. :)


Hey. :slight_smile:
I am looking for characters and outfits for my story ( INK ).
Background characters and main characters. :slight_smile:
I don’t want my characters to look all the same and I am not really creative with outfits, lol.
So please, help me. :smiley: <3




Me too!


Name- Mimi
Face shape- Oval
Hair- Beachwave
Hair color- Black
Eye color- Taupe
Eyebrow- Seductive Arch
Eyes- Upturned Bold
Nose- Soft Natural
Skin Color- Tan
Lip- Classic
Lip Color- Raven



Name: Alyce
skin Colour: light
hair: beach wave (chestnut)
brow: define natural
eyes: upturned bold (blue)
nose: upturned
face: soft heart
lips: classic (bordeaux)


Aww love it. She has same skin like my MC’s best friend. I think she’s gonna be the sister. :o <3


Another eye color would be awesome.
White is for something special ( fantasy story ) <3


I’m fine with that!


I need some boys too, if I have a story with 20 girls and only 3 boys people with laugh at me lol




Do you have an outfit too? :slight_smile:


An outfit would be awesome too. :slight_smile:


I don’t have my laptop on me right now to check the outfits. Would you mind picking one?


Show me xx


Toffee Skin
Almond Luxe Brown Eyes
Upturned Nose
Classic Lips Ruby Red
Thick Flat Eyebrows
round face




click on the picture to see full outfit


Hi! You can use me: