Looking for characters to add in my story for a club scene

Hey guys! I need about 12 characters for my scene but I’m running out of creativity to make them all, if you want to be in the scene please show me your character CC!
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Heres mine :sparkling_heart:

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Here is mine :blob_hearts:

@MoeSil99 Can you send your link when it is uploaded? I would love to read it when you publish it! :blob_hearts:

Here’s mine!

You can use mine! :hearts:

Character Card

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Your character is so pretty!

Hey @MoeSil99! Hope you are doing well :two_hearts:
If you still need characters, you can use my character as well. Here’s my character card:

My character card is made by @Salbat.Author :bat: :heart:

Have a good day/evening/night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Take care, Christina <3

P.S. Please, let me know when your story will be published because I would love to read it :heart:

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Thanks for crediting! :bat: :hearts:

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Here’s two of my characters!

for sure! thank you again :slight_smile:

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Do you need anymore?

If you have any you’d like added I can add them
I have a mix match of characters people have commented and some that are just the start characters when you go into create a character on the episode portal

Ok vool, feel free to use mine!


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I want to use your character in one of my scenes, talking with my MC but I need her to have a name.
Would you like me to use your name? Or did you want to choose a different one?

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Hey! You can use my name Shiv :butterfly:

Awesome! Thank you!

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