Looking for Characters

Looking for a new cast for one of the stories I’m currently writing. It involves fiction, romance and drama.

If you’re interested to have your characters be in it as part of actors or background actors comment in the email below

Story Style: “Limelight”

Please leave a format with the description of the character.






DM preferable

I’ll be waiting :slight_smile:

What style? I have a few in both

It’s “Limelight”

Here is 1 girl-Chay
Personality: shy, artist,poet,strong, and brave

And 1 boy- Josh
Personality: arrogant, strong, defensive the jerk but nice type. Skater boy

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Perfect you will be seeing them included :grin:

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Thanks. I have 2 more girls if u need them

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Yeah the more the merrier

I will like to add a charter in this! Hold up making her right now!

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Lovely, I would just need the Biography and I can add her up.

This is Chaya (based off, of me with the same name, sorry it is kinda similar to Chay XD if you like you can switch it to Lilly XD, She is kind and nice and usually happy she tries to be optimistic all the time, she usually wears dresses and if she is not she has a shirt and leggings, she is not shy at all and always tries to get new friends, she also loves to play adventure video games (NOT SHOOTING GAMES) Sometimes she will be sad just randomly (Very rare to happen)

Also, what is this Episode about anyways (Also she loves Drama it is one of her classes she takes.) She is also very dramatic.

I will get them to you asap

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Thank you for that, yeah. It’s about a story I’ve wrote down a while ago, and just now I’m starting to process it.
I’m going do a post all about it soon !!


I sent them in a pm to you

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Perfect, I’ll look into it Asap.

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Hii i don’t know if you still need characters but if you do, here is my character:

Personality: shy, bit once you get to know her or are friends with her she gets more comfortable, she is also smart

I would love to be in your story of you still need it! Xx


No worries, I’ll be looking for a while.

Thank you,

Thank you x

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