Looking for classroom backgrounds

I’m looking for classroom background and/or overlays that the characters can interact with.
I’ll give credit dw :slight_smile:
If you know someone, please link them below. :slight_smile:
Thankyouuu :heart:

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Search on Google you will find thousand of unique ideas from there.

This is not a very good idea, those images can be copyrighted. You can read more about it here. And you will also find some good sites where the images are for comercial use:

  1. A message to everyone about using sites

  2. Be Careful Of Using Other Peoples Backgrounds

  3. Be Careful Of Using Other Peoples Backgrounds


we can help!
Check out either thread!

(Also try pixabay for a classroom, and we’ll make it an overlay for you, if ours aren’t satisfactory)


Ohh ma gawwd I just notices you have 7% on your phone…:sob::sob::sob:


Thankyou! :blush:

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Thankyou! :slight_smile:

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lmao. I just noticed it when you said it.

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