Looking for Co-Author/Coder

Hey, I’m in need of a co-writer to help with developing a story, I can code really well but I don’t have any story idea, HELP!


Hey, I am a coder/co-writer unfortunately paid, my eng. isn’t good as its not my 1st lang.

If you okay with paying then pm me for further talks :confused:

hey, i am no writer. but i’ve been practicing coding for a year and i’m great at giving ideas “i have no stories published for the moment” but i can help u. i’m an editor, coder, reader i can help u with backgrounds and more, no money is involved no paying i love helping anyways, buuuut english isn’t my mainly language if you’re interested send me a pm here on forums <3

I’d love to help! Although I’m usually very busy, feel free to ask me for any help or advice, and I’ll try my best to respond asap. I’d also be down to help plan your story line with you. <3

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Did you find a Co-Author yet? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey, I do have a story idea and I was looking for an experienced coder. So if you want, we could co author the story!

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Hey, I know I’m not the OP but I could help you with coding.

Hey so Im still waiting on one more reply about coding , not really into ig but I have discord if you would like to discuss further!
My discord is: missgirl#4264

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I’m Quest Potato

i added u x

heya i would love to be co authors with u i can code well i do struggle at times but i normally get it in like 10 mins lmao i am better at coding and starting a lil bit of a plot but i think we could work well together if u are good at story plots and lines i can code i have a story in the making with art cover done and like 1 epi done we can work together and publish ?? if u like we can discord call cuz i can screen share and teach u coding as well my discord is HannahXx#4007