Looking for co-authors/co-writers. (Everyone is welcome!)


So I’m writing a story about worlds with gods, warriors, fairies, and like a lot of mystical stuff. I’m kinda stuck with the plot right now but like my main thing is that the protagonist and everyone thinks she’s the child of the “good people” and the “chosen one” type-ish but she’s the daughter of the villain but plot twist is that no one knows about it and that no one knows that the villain is the villain.
Honestly, there’s no right or wrong. I’m looking for creativity and I want to write something that’s not cliche and predictable. If anyone’s interested and want to know more about the plot or what I have in mind feel free to email me at storiesbyeuropa@gmail.com or dm me in Instagram @storiesbyeuropa. Oh and btw I’m not gonna focus this as a “love story” by having the “guy” saving the day.
And also the mc’s character is very aware of what’s happening around her and says it. So kinda mixed a bit of comedy in that too.

Ps. I already finished the first episode so if you’re interested let me know and it’s in limelight.


Hi I would love to write with you , my time isn’t the best but I have time at least once a week and vacations


Can i try?


Of course!! Where can I contact you?


Sure!!! Send me a pm!


Hi may I help I have a discord that we could talk on


Yes!!! My instagram is @storiesbyeuropa give me a dm and let’s talk!


I only have a Snapchat do you have one


Hey, I would be interested. You could contact me here by PM or I could PM you my gmail.


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