Looking for co-writer/coder helper?/writing group

I would like to start writing and I have a few ideas, but coding kinda throws me for a loop. So if you like (Pina Coladas, sorry couldn’t resist) spitballing, and random dumb questions, I’m your girl, lol. I’m also open to group writing. Really, I just need some help starting out, lol.
If you want to get in contact with me, hit me over either via the episode chat thing or discord.

Discord: Helen#7525

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Hey, I’m interested! i’ve been wanting to start out but need someone more into the writing side.

I’ve started writing on episode three months ago and I’ve learned A LOT! I’d love to help out!

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Meeeee i want help.

hiiiiiiiii i am new here and i don’t know how to do it

What do you need help with? :blush:

like the spot directing thing and how to make the character walk and talk and how to zoom out and the bubble speech thing. and how to let the reader to only customize the main’s character skin tone and not her eyes color, nor hair color and same for the love interest in the story

I want to be the one who creates the main character’s eyes color, hair color. but the rest they can customized. and i am confusing with how to place the characters in the story that i am having a lot trouble with . i want to make the guys taller than the girl

Okay to place a charter on screen, there are a couple of ways.
@CHARCTER stands screen center
If you click preview, then Directer Help, you can scale the characters

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For character customization, there are many templates available that you can use. I suggest alexa_episode, she has amazing templates! & you can take out the eye color etc.

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oh okay, what about the spot directing thing?

You can do:
@CHARACTER spot ____ AND CHARACTER is action

For talking you’ll need to write the dialogue ex:
EMILY (talk_neutral)
What ever she is saying.

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ohhh that’s how u do it. what about to make them taller

Click on: Directer Helper > Spot Helper > Scale
Then scale them to your liking and position them on screen.
Then below click copy and place it in your story.

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oh okay thank you. what about to make them stare at each others or when the girl sees the girl for the first time, but he isn’t looking at her

I’m not sure what you’re asking. You put the actions you want.
Ex. @CHARACTER is action
You can also face them left or right.
Ex. @CHARACTER faces left

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Check out my story to see if you like the directing! I’ve been playing around on it

oh thank you.