Looking for co-writer,editor ,artist ,coder, author,

hi I’m sahari I’m looking for an editor writes coder ect. you can reply to this email or do me @epi_gram2021


I can do it

I can help with writing, maybe art. Just PM me (:

ok what’s your ig or discord tag

what part are you looking to do

I can code

oh ok great do you have a discord tag


ok I’ll send u a request


My discord tag is catgirl#8736

k thx

did you guys get the request

I did

I do paid coding sweetheart,
Small episode- $3/ epi
Long episode- $4/epi

Let me know if you are interested love,
I have great experience in this coding as I’m coding 3-4 stories now.
Instagram - _angryybirdd _

my ig is epi_gram2021 or u can send ur discord tag thanks a lot

I do paid coding $3/ short episode & $4/ long episode
Let me know if you are interested dear

Need a coder as fast as can

Hi what is you need help exactly with love bc i do coding, art , edits ect :slightly_smiling_face:

I literally need help with everything you just named :innocent: :blush:

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