Looking for Co-Writer(s) to Assist with an Amazing Story



Hey Guys, my name is Silver I’m new here. I’m looking for a Co- Writer for a pretty big and Interesting Episodic Story I’ve been writing for some time time now. Titled “To be a Lightworker.” This story would take you on a pretty intense and emotional roller coaster but the thing is, I can’t see very much. I’m pretty sure I’m not going blind. But because of it, I really need assistance. And also I would love to expand my story board with fresh new perspective/view points. Please Hit me up. I promise you, You would absolutely Love this story and would not be let down.


This sounds cool, but I don’t have very many reads and I’m wondering if you do.


I’m sorry to hear about your eyes. I would love to help. I am not so experienced in episode stories but I am learning, but I love writing and storytelling and I would love to help your story get told!


Simply because if I help, I’d like to have this be a chance to have my story recognized because I’m assuming you’d give credit.


Of Course I will. I’d Love to have you On Board


Thank you so much Much. I’d Love to have you On Board. I haven’t gotten the chance to transfer what I have writing up on book into the computer but I’d do it right now, and give you the Synopsis of what the story is about and to what extent I need a Co writer’s edit.


I’m glad to hear you’re being optimistic and considering me. Thank you for that. What’s the story about?


I’d put the link to a google doc’s page. So that You and Parda can read the Synopsis.




If you want to discuss this more then feel free to send a DM, although I can’t talk so much more right now since it’s 1 in the morning in my timezone




What country are you from?


If it matters, I’m from the USA


Same here, USA, NJ.


Hey guys so I finally typed enough that I believe would help you understand the story. I’d be posting the Link Right now. Click on it read to your heart’s content . Feel free to edit, lea e comment and or ask questions. I’m down to hear ANYTHING you guys have to say. I Love you guys so much for doing this with me. Thank you,

here’s the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/161Jq7g7qaO6qW00pvWZZUtDsnYvlTTd1MkZdl0Zra9s/edit?usp=sharing


I’m coule also help if you need an extra hand.


I’m Alex, I’d love to help! What style are you thinking?


I am from Sweden, if you feel like you can work with the time difference then I would love to help


Of Course, Please do assist. I welcome you.


Yes please. Do Assist. Click on the link up above and visit the google doc’s page. I’ve been having trouble logging in to the Forum site since morning something with the site wasn’t letting it load up even when I troubleshoot it. Please do meet me up on google doc’s page just in case it should happen again.