Looking for co writer

I have two different stories started and was wounding if any one wanted to help me with them… The 1st one is Vamp Girl That’s the link I have 5 episode done.

And the 2nd one is comedy called The adventures of bathwoman I have 1 episode done with that one so I don’t have a link to it yet… But if any one wants to help with even just one that would be wonderful.


Hie… I can help you… what exactly do you need help in…? If you want… you can contact me on Instagram too… it’s @shona_episode

I can do it!

Any help with story line, And some coding help as well is there any way I can make it were someone can help me with the editing like you can see the story like I do??

Yeah… It can . But for that you have to tell the email and password… but there is another way to… like if you copy and paste you coding script and then share the link… either way can be done…

I can help you out…

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What one do you want to help with, have you read any of vamp girl???

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No… I haven’t read but… I will tomorrow… if you want help with it… I can help with both…

I would like to try and make the vamp girl better… we can work on that for a little bit try to make the 1st episodes better…

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My other one only has one episode done so it wont even be out any time soon and I’m waiting on some backgrounds for both stories… But you can message me and we can talk about vamp girl and I can tell you how I was thinking of going with the story and what not…

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