Looking For Coder Partner! (CLOSED)

Alright if you know me, then you know. If you don’t, then you don’t (just kidding).

okay so i’m looking for co-author/writing partner but to be honest more like coder partner. why? here i told you why… okay so i have many stories ideas…i want to write, create, code and publish the story but i can’t because i don’t have pc/laptop/computer. the funny thing is i also tried coding on my phone but :grinning:. trust me i really want to create at least one story and be proud of it, and I know i have to collab with someone who are willing to code all the time. so yeah :relieved: if anyone interested feel free to pm me or reply this thread (: oh and i would like someone who have published their story, a good coder, have full time (like you’re not working on any story and have more spare time) and can accept my thoughts/opinions/etc.

a little information about the story

It’s a fantasy story


I would love to collab with you but I don’t have a published story and I also started coding since February. So if you want me to be your partner just reply here and then we can talk more about your story And if you want a more advanced coding partner for your story then no probs, maybe other advanced coders are interested in working with you.

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Hey, I can help you in writing and coding too. If you are interested, my insta is @ tasmanrt.episode

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Hey , i am a coder and i have a laptop but i don’t have published a story in the app , BTW if u are interested then lemme know

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