Looking For Coder(s) and Writing Partner(s)!

Hi, I am looking for coders and writing partners for new stories. I am new to making episodes (and omg it’s so hard) and therefore am so awful at it. The coding is so difficult so I am in desperate need of a coder. I could also use a writing partner .to bounce ideas off of and help enhance our ideas and develop them together. I am also open to work on different stories and ideas. If you are maybe up for it we could start a group? I find teamwork helpful on projects like these so it may be a good idea, possibly a couple of coders and a couple of writers? I am new so I am unsure of what is best so if anyone has any better ideas I am always willing to listen.

If any of these ideas interest you please follow me and drop me a dm on instagram at @episodectln or just reply to this and we can work something out here.

Thanks for reading and giving me your time,

ctln xoxo :slight_smile:

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You might want to check out this thread.


CODER looking for MULTIPLE WRITERS who need a full time coder for their story!

That sounds interesting but I don’t have Insta

Sounds cool.

Are the ofer still available?
I need a partner too…

i am interested

I’d like to join

please reach out to me on instagram if you’re interested @episodectln

Hey. Don’t have insta but could give you my email. Would love to join. Sounds exciting