Looking for coder to help with story

Hi guys
I’m looking for someone who has experience in coding, I would be writing the story

I have the basic idea of how I want characters to look and will be also writing all dialogue

Just need someone who wouldn’t mind doing the coding and maybe giving some input for ideas here and there

If anyone is interested please let me know

Story will be drama/romantic with some very dark and mature themes throughout

I’m interessted.

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Hey thanks so much for your reply

As you can see in previous replies I just advised the length of what I imagine the story will be and so on…

And anyone who helps me code my story
Will obviously receive writing credit towards the story and I can promote your stories through my readers
I would also luv feedback on scripting and stuff and would consider changes if you think something would fit better

I would love to help if you need I love coding and am a writting partner already and loved it

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Hi thank you so much for your interest in helping me…
I would love someone who has the time to help me out as I know coding can take a long time
I have the first couple of chapters of my story pinned down and descriptions for characters and so on …

If you are interested in me helping I would love to my recent co writter coded so I should know how co writting works
Send me details and we can start episode one

Yea I would luv all the help I can get,
My issue is I can’t code the story as my laptop is broken and I will not have the funds to buy another one until early next year
And I’m doing most of the work on my iPhone at the moment so you can imagine the hassle I’m having :roll_eyes:

I would also like input on the story and suggestions as the story is being written but I don’t want to be publishing the details on my story in the threads for everyone to see you know?

How do we DM eachother with details and so on ?