Looking for coder! :)

Hi, I want to make my first story and I have trouble with coding, therefore I need someone to help me when I encounter problems. I don’t need someone to code my whole story, I need someone who I can ask for different codes I don’t know or I cant find. I need a pro coder, because my story has supernatural beings in it and they will be using a lot of powers. If you are willing to help lmk, any help is much appreciated.


If you are just looking for help in some parts then you should just post or search about the parts you are confused about.
Because finding someone to just code small parts would be hard but one thing you can do is look for someone to co-write your stories with.

Also good luck!

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Haha, I didn’t even think of that, thank you :heart:

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You’re welcome! :white_heart:

i’d love to help if u need it, I’m an advance coder, very fond with overlays, point system, checking points, advance choices, etc!

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Sorry for the late reply, thank you so much for offering your help, do you have instagram or something?

Can you help me :woman_standing:t5:

Yes, i do. Epi_ghost_art

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I can help you out if you’d like, my instagram is @aine.episode :blush:


Hey I have the story/chapters, I need helping coding the script :slight_smile:
How can I work with you?

If u want i can help with the coding
Lemme know on insta