Looking for coding assistant!

Feeling confident in your coding skills? Love to create? Great, because I would love a coding assistant!

I’m currently creating a thriller, but coding by myself is taking too long, even though I already know how the story will go throughout till the end. I’ve already written the first 10 chapters and will hopefully write up to 20-30. All you have to do is help me put things into script editor, and VERY occasionally, help me with writer’s block when I need filler scenes.

This story has plenty of aspects of advanced directing including but not limited to:

  • Point system (love interests, romatic/aromantic pathways, “heist” points)

  • Remembering choices

  • Specific character sizing and movement

  • Extraneous variables (camera movement, speechbubble movement)

Message me for details about the story. Your name will (of course) have credits at the end of each chapter and you will have my recommendation for future projects.

Thank you!


Hey there ! I am a episode official coder / director , And I would be more than happy to help you ! If you want me to :heart: .

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