Looking for coding help with characters walking and talking!

Hey! I’m in need of some help, I would like a character to be exiting the scene while also talking and having a speech bubble following, (if that’s possible!) but I can’t find any tutorials or help so if anyone knows please help!! x


I haven’t heard of being able to move speech bubbles. I would try creating the speech bubbles as overlays and use that instead. You could write the speech bubble, take a screen shot of it, make the background transparent and upload it as an overlay. I haven’t tried out though.

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I’m not sure but maybe this can help?

About the walking and talking there are a few walk_talk animations. I’m not sure what kind of emotion you want while talking but you have happy and neutral as far as I can see right now.

Thank you lovely! I’ll definitely try that! :kiss:

I’ll take a look thank you darling x

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