Looking for college backgrounds!

Hi everyone! I’m making a story that is 100% set in a college and really need some backgrounds. I’ve made/edited some of my own (they’re so ugly lol) and have looked at other college bg threads here, but there’s some specific ones that I need.

-Common room where students hang out, has lots of couches, desks, etc.
-Food hall (I am seriously avoiding using the Episode one, it is SO UGLY)
-Shared bathroom with shower stalls

If anyone knows where I can find these types of backgrounds please let me know!! TYIA!!! :sparkling_heart:

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Hello! If you are looking for backgrounds overlays etc you can visit my group’s website

Our Instagram: @/theambassadorsapt

We have alot of backgrounds and overlays in our website which are free to be used with proper credits.
If you are looking for any specific backgrounds you can even request.

PM me if you have any doubts
Thank you! :purple_heart:


Thank you!