Looking for Commission artist!

I’m looking for an artist that can do realistic or Limelight for my upcoming story! Needing cover done and some art scenes! MUST ACCEPT PAYPAL! Send me a message with examples! If I like more than one artist I will use both and commission will be paid to both! :heart:


There a lot on instagram!

These are amazing commissioners!

sorry if you don’t wanna be tagged

Thanx for placing an order from me💝

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I am also! I can’t wait to see more of your talent!!! :heart:

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Sure you will😉

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Thanks for the Tag @SkyM.

@susiexwrite I have sent you my commission info.Kindly check your PM.

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Tysm for recommending me! My commission info is all available on my Instagram @nd.epy if you cant access it I will gladly send it to you.

Furthermore, I’ve currently got a 20% off sale on my commissions until December 23rd.

Niamh :black_heart::black_heart:


Hey I am super late but in case you’ll be needing an artist again, I’m available :relaxed:

I am willing to give discounts depending on what it is❤️

Hi, if you are still looking for a commissioned artist i can help, i ask from 8 euros to 20 euros depending on how many people do you want in the some cover… but i can totally help you.

I’ll show you some of my work arts so you can choose better if you could need my help

Wow, you’re art scenes are TOP

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THANK YOU! I really appreciate… if you need something, maybe a cover or an art scene don’t esitate to contact me!

Hey you
I just got you’re message
So, yes, i’m an episode writer and i want to add a cover to my new story
I like you’re style so if you could help me in any way i would be thankfull
But i can’t pay you back like most of the artist ask because i’m just 16, but if you wanna do it by pleasure, the offer is stands
And thanks

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Yeah i totally understand, but i can’t do it without payment cause i really need it to pay my bills, also if i do it for you i have to do it for many others who asked and in that way i would be very busy doing something not really useful for me, cause I’m very busy with exams and university so I’m really sorry but i can’t do this service for free :pensive: but in future if you need me and you are willing to pay a bit then yes i can draw for you :+1: hope you’d understand but the best thing i can do is making a discount for you, but i need a little payment

No problem i just asked but thanks anyway for responding to my message

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