Looking for Contestants


@Sydney_H I’m not sure if this is the right one!


Hello everyone and welocme to The Bachelor: Forum Edition!

How this will work
We are looking for 10 girls who are interested in having a forum relationship with @Episode.Cameronwrite
I know that there are a ton of girls out there looking for that special someone…AND THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU!

There will be a rose ceremony every 3 days where @Episode.Cameronwrite will decide who he wants to keep in the game! Throughout the three days you will be able to go on dates with @Episode.Cameronwrite … but you will only be able to go on a date if you participate in the daily game and win!

Who will be leading you through this journey
@sofia2 and @Mary-P are your hosts!

And I @Kaycee_Rose am the director of the show!

Then we have your lovely bachelor @Episode.Cameronwrite

If you are interested in participating in this show please tell us down below…and write a detailed paragraph about yourself! And also fill out this form!

  • What’s your name?
  • How old are you?
  • Favorite color?
  • Personality?

If you have any questions please ask!



Audience - @LorethA @Franciscax1

The Contestants - @Chocolate_Mama @Kalizzza @Killerfrost @ElectraHeart @KatieI @leslie1230
@Chesirekitten101 @NattyGomez @LorethA

The Confession Thread 😘

And your HOST is here. :wink:


And here :wink:




Heyy it’s me, Adam! :slight_smile:


Oh my chocolate I want to try hfishsjshdis


Really? If so please fill out the form above!


Sister you had like 10000 hubby already !
The thirst tho.


:joy: yeah I need a new husband and I’m bored so why not!




IKR :smirk: you already know me sista


Who wouldn’t want a taste of yummy chocolate :smirk:

  • What’s your name? Chocolate Mama, Chocolate

  • How old are you? 16

  • Favorite color? Purple and Black

  • Personality? I’m funny and sensitive at times, but I really know how to have a good time. I’m also really passionate for things I care about. At times I can be a jealous person, but I’m not too bad :joy:. Also I’m very creative with anything and everything.


IKR girl chocolate is amazing :smirk:


Ya you are officially part of the show


Yassssssss lets do this :joy:




Please tag anyone you know who might be interested


Thank you I can’t wait


I’m so excited