Looking for cover, and art scene artists


I"m looking for cover, and art scene artists for my story upcoming story Love and Crime. This is my first story so I want it to be the best it can be.

I need cover art (Small and Large Cover) and multiple art scenes. unfortunately I can not pay you, but I will give you credit on the story.

For covers:

  • I will give you credit at the beginning of every episode I write.
  • I can also give you a shoutout on my Instagram and also a personal invitation to my gain group chat on Instagram. (If you would like)

For art scenes:

  • Shoutout on the story EVERY time your art is used.
  • A shout out on my Instagram and also a personal invitation to my gain group chat on Instagram. (If you would like)


If hired: I will send you all the information

Thank you


Hey @REBECCAA we do covers at my art shop, if you’d like to check it out! Drama_club25's Art Shop! (OPEN!)

What style is the story in?

My story is in INK

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I looked at your shop and I really liked it, but my question is do you do art scenes ?

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Yes, I can do eat scenes. Would you like it drawn or edited?

I would like them drawn please, Thank you so much . Can you tell me the details you need.

I can do it as well, my examples~
But maybe not since you already have her doing it.

Uploading: Untitled18_20200324191200.png… Uploading: Untitled65_20200414141527.png…

Uploading: Untitled27_20200327212923.png…

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I have more female ink character examples of you need them.

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I can use all the help I can get. I am doing multiple art scenes. Tell me what type of details you need and when you can get this done by. :grin:

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The character details, outfits, how many characters, the background, when you need it by. And if you could request it on my art shop, that would be amazing.

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Ok will do thank you so much.

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Hello, I was just wondering of anyone could help me out with cover art, I am new to the whole writing in episode and I would really like if I could have a art scene, if anyone knows anyone let me know and I will give credit in the story, thank you.