Looking for cover art help


Hello, I’m looking for someone to help me make a cover art for my new story.

Need help to put together a cover

Episode harmony can




Send the details here


Where do I go to get one made?


Go here and send the details and we will make it


Or i can help you just send the details :blush:


It’s all good, thanks though. :slight_smile:


I need help with putting together a art cover. I have all the details and stuff just need someone to put it together for me, if you could help please let me know. Thanks so much. :heart:


I can help! <3


PM me!


I can try to help!!


PM me if youre interested in helping.


If you don’t already have someone that is helping- I’d love to help :upside_down_face:
Here are some of my examples (In case you do choose to use me)