Looking for cover art - Sharpie

Hi guys,

I’m looking for someone who may be interested in creating me a couple of story covers and work with me in creating art scenes in my stories in the future.

I’m currently still planning my 2 stories and not near publishing just yet. Just interested to see if anyone would be interested in helping in the future and potentially working together. :slight_smile:

Thanks :*


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go here there awesome https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/episode-helpers-we-love-helping-people/37635/8

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Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: xx

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EpisodeStudio would love to help if you would like… we have an Epic thread with lots of examples on it…

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Thank you! These are awesome☺️ Xx

Thank you!:smile: xx

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hi @MeganPerkins @epi.alyssaa @Cayla_Chanel_Whitt @Unique_911 @ForeverMagic112 think you guys can do it

hey! is coveresque in your group?

Girl, I got you, I think that a few of the examples they showed you were from people outside of their group, if you have instagram, mine is @author.y.w and you can check my examples out, or I can send them in here <3

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Also the last one is an outline, I think you should make that clear for people requesting you. i know the person who made the third cover personally, is she in your group? Could you name all of them?


can you name everyone in your group? Is that a yes to coveresque being in your group or not? because last I checked, she is two people, and is already part of a group, her own group. so if you could somehow prove that the photos youve put as examples are from offical members from your group, do tell, otherwise you could be banned from episode for stealing peoples content and posting it as your own.

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I didn’t I said those our my group work

Care to explain this?



Or this?