Looking for cover artist for first story

hey guys! i’m a very new episode writer and i am trying to look for someone who is able to create a cover art for my first story.

i only want the main character in the cover art, but as for anything else in the cover art, it’s all up to you! i can show you how she looks like in any of her outfits so you have a reference for her. thanks!

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Drawn or edited?
Commissioned or free?
What style?

  1. either or is fine!
  2. also either or is fine! if the artist prefers a commission, i can commission them!
  3. limelight, if this is what you’re referring to
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Check a shop. If you’re looking for commissions artists, I can recommend some! What’s your budget?

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Hello! You may want to make your own thread. If you can’t at this time, comment and like posts around the community to gain trust levels.

if you’re okay with commissioning please let me know your budget and I can recommend some good artists :blush:

U need to make a post so people can see it (rn u just answered to someone else’s thread)

i apologize, i had to deal with some things so i couldn’t respond.

i would just have to see what prices people offer, i got someone in the replies with their prices so i might contact them. thank you so much though! if you can still recommend some great artists, feel free to!

i can do it for you for free, if you want. i will pm you some of my examples.


Hey! I am looking for an artist too! Could you send me some examples too?

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sure, i have sent you a message.

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Okay, so I have commissioned someone already for my cover art, but thank you guys so much for the help! And thank you @Valeriya.B for helping me out!

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Well, I can help with that, I do commissioned art in low prices! Just PM me for more info and examples

for whoever’s still looking, hi! i’m an artist with open commissions! here are some examples and the price list! <3