Looking for Cover Artists,Art Scene & Splash Artists

Heyyy x

I’m looking for three artists ( I don’t mind if you can do multiple areas just let me know)

I need one artist to make the cover for my upcoming story Forever Broken (Small and Large cover) and another artist to do art scenes for me unfortunately I won’t be able to pay you but I will make sure to give you credit and recognition for your brilliant work more info…

For the Covers
• I will give you recognition at the beginning of every Episode I write.
• I could give you recognition through my Instagram if you want

For the Art Scenes
• Shoutout on the actual story every time your art is used
• Shoutout through my Instagram posts (please let me know the little details you want)

For Splashes
• Shoutout/Recognition/Credit at the beginning or end of each episode(You decide)

Note: I would love to see your examples

If hired : I’m aware that art,splashes and covers take time but could you make everything by the end of April or earlier so it could give time for the Episode team to approve it

Thank you


Hi! I could make covers and splashes!
Here are some of my examples




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do you have like any examples

All the examples are there :grinning:

Are you able to do the splash for me please

Sure, of course! I’ll get back to you in about 15 minutes.

Wait, what splash are you looking for?

Okay thank you please inform me about any details or infomation or anything :grin::grin::grin::

But what type of splash are you looking for? Are they any characters on the splash? And if so, what do they look like?

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Do you want them in a pose ?

, , , ,

Im looking for
•This story uses sound
•Thanks for reading
•Follow me for updates and sneak peaks
•This story uses sound!
•To be continued
• Warning This story contains mature themes and strong language
•This story uses advanced zooms so please tap slowly

I’d really appreciate it if you could give me the details and the poses.

Do you mean the skin tones and clothes and everything

Yep, ad the poses

I’ll have it ready by tomorrow (sorry for the wait)

Hey… I can do some backgrounds…and all of that


stuff that is not episode

(I’m sorry that was a LOT, and i swear im not weird…)

No problem!

Are you okay with doing art for me or do you want do splash (I’m aware that someone has already offered so i want to see how both of yours is then i will choose) If you have anything to ask or have anything at all please let me know :grin: :laughing:


Skin- honey
Brow-thin arch
Hair-boy bun
Hair color-chestnut
Eyes-round piercing
Eye Color-light blue
Face-defined triangle
Lip color-terracotta

pose -


Black Sleeveless Tee
Ripped Punk Pants
Basic Sneakers (Black)

Pose in writing


Anything else i should add?