Looking for cover maker

I’m in desperate need of a cover maker. So if you are one/ know one who can make me one please let me know.

If you still need art I can help you.


I can! Pm me!

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Well i made this for an author i did an r4r with

But i am not always available to do cover arts since i only do it on my free time.
Do you need any specific cover art?


Can someone make a starting and an ending cover for me, please! My story name is Forever Yours. ( also this a limelight story)

I need 2 characters

The girl (Abigail)
Skin Tone- Copper 05
Eyebrows- Arched Natural Scar (black)
Hair- Medium Straight Overgrown Bangs (black)
Eyes- Deepest Downturned (blue deep)
Face- Heart Soft
Nose- Pointed Downturned
Lips- Full Heart Pouty (Rose Matte)
She has a Wildflower tattoo on her hip, she has a Skull and Star chest tattoo and a Skull and roses arm tattoo. She also has freckles (heavy 08-10) She always wears black.

The boy (Blake)
Skintone- Rose 05
Eyebrows- Straight Medium Scar (black)
Hair- Medium Side Curls (black)
Eyes- Deepest Downturned (grey cool)
Face- Diamond Soft
Nose- Male Generic
Lips- Medium Straight Natural (natural medium nude matte)
He has a Tribal Sleeve tattoo, a tribal chest tattoo, and nose bridge studs. He also has freckles (heavy 00-03), he has a scar nose bridge (00-03), a scarred cheek (08-10), and he also has a studded metal rimmed earring, its red. He only dresses in black and red.

If you can can you make the front cover gang-related and make the end cover sad looking, like him hugging her in the rain while they’re next to the ocean and she’s crying.

But if you can’t do all that it’s okay, and if nobody can make one for me that’s okay too.


(I really don’t know why I kinda made this into a letter)

Can someone make a art cover for me please?

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Hey its been 7 months dang. Well if you still need it I may be able to. I Def improved since then…

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