➳ looking for cover makers/creators (CLOSED)

Hello loves,
My name is Jemima, but I go by Jem.
I’m 17 yearso old.
I’m looking for people that can help me make a cover for my story.
Well, two covers for my story.
I’ll send you everything you need to know about it and how its suppose to look like.
(Characters, colors,…)
But, they are certains things y’all need te be aware of.

:warning: WARNINGS :warning:

:warning: FIRST: I’m still a student and an athlete, so I won’t be as active because of school and basketball games.
:warning: If I don’t agree with any of your suggestions, please don’t get offended.
:warning: Rude remarks will not be tolerated.

Anyone that’s interested can contact me in the following email address: episodejem1.gmail.com
Or, you can contact me in the following social media account: Instagram: episode_jem
Or, you can just comment below :blush:

If you have any questions, please contact me.
Thanks loves, I’ll see you then.
I’d love to work with you guys. :two_hearts:


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I can make it.

Thanks a lot.

They’re pretty good.
I’d love your help.

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When can we start ?

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You’re very welcome, love :blush:

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If you still need someone, I can do it?


Just two covers