Looking for creator of apartment background

Does anyone know who the creator of this background is? It’s perfect for my story but I can’t use it because I don’t know who created it. Thanks in advance!

Also if you know anyone or you have apartment bedroom backgrounds please drop them below!

Where did u find the background? (:

One of my old Episode accounts but I didn’t put the creator of it on the background name.

Ah, I wouldn’t know then (:

Can u remember if it was a drive or website where u found it or not? (:

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I really don’t know, it was a group account so it may not have been me who uploaded it but thank you for trying to help <33

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You’re welcome, good luck (:

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That would be @shellyg I’m pretty sure, I have the same background under a folder with her old insta name her insta is @shellyg.episode


Thank you so so much!! :relaxed:

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Not a problem :slight_smile:

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