Looking For Custom Cover Art

Hi everyone! I’m still sort of new and all but I was hoping someone could help. If you guys know a good artist for custom cover art, I’m willing to commission. Links, examples, anything helps. I’ve got a picture of what I want done. It can either be edited or drawn (preferably drawn but I’m not picky). I will include a picture of the scene I wanna recreate or edit slightly under the post to skip some unnecessary steps lol. Thank you in advance!


Hey @ash-troid

My usual prices are
To chest $5
Thigh high $10
Full length $15

But I’m giving discount till new year (1st Jan)
So my current prices are
To chest $3
Thigh high $7
Full length $10

Also I’m giving away free pfps for new customers

For more info refer to my forum :heart:

Hii, my commissions are open :heart:
U can look onto examples and prices in my thread. Affordable prices :relaxed:

Hi @ash-troid i can do a drawn cover for u for free

Link to my original post

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Hi! For this scene I would charge a total of $15 USD, because it’s the new years and why not. Here’s a link to my page, the art doesn’t quite reflect my current talent, I need to update!

Hiya I have pmed you my examples and prices, please let me know if you would like to order anything :blush:

Happy New year!! :sparkles:

Thank you for the tag!

hiya my commissions are open if you’re interested :))

You can contact me here or on Instagram @caitlindrewthis

prices + info

some examples

You can find more examples here on my thread >> Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]


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Hi! Thanks for tag
DM if you interested


Thank you for tagging me love, appreciate it!:smiling_face_with_tear::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Hey :blossom:

I’d love to help you with your cover

If you need more examples, here’s my IG: https://www.instagram.com/echosmyname/

Let me know if you’re interested

Hello I’m a artist here you can see my art and previous commissions. Reach out to me if you’re interested