Looking for dedicated artist

I need an artist for my story, a personal artist if possible. Can anyone help?


Ink or limelight

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LL :upside_down_face:

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What type of art are you looking for?

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I need a cover, and down the road art scenes possibly. the cover can be edited or drawn and art scenes drawn. however that works :sweat_smile:

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I can help with covers and splashes!

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Ok Thank you!

hey i’d be happy to help you. I do coves, art scenes, pretty much anything. Let me know if your interested!

Hey! I’d be happy to help you! Here’s my art shop so you can see my work!

Hey there!

We do some really good art.


Please check out Pam's Art Shop / Studio ^-^ [requests open, feb 2020]

There will be a discount for the first four requests (around 10-20, depending on the art difficulty)

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